An official statement is a document prepared by the Airports Authority for the use of underwriters in offering its bonds for sale to the public. The official statement contains relevant information about the Airports Authority and the bonds being issued and includes important information that a potential investor should consider before purchasing the bonds. The official statement provides the terms of the bonds such as maturity and interest rates, an explanation of the security and pledge of revenues supporting the bonds, as well as  other investment considerations that should be taken into account before buying the bonds.

Official Statement Archive Files
Aviation Enterprise

MWAA_AE_Series 2003D - July 27, 2009

MWAA_AE_Series 2009B - March 25, 2009

MWAA_AE_Series 2009B Supplement - April 13, 2009

MWAA_AE_Series 2009C - June 16, 2009

MWAA_AE_Series 2009D - June 23, 2009

MWAA_AE_Series 2010AB - July 20, 2010

MWAA_AE_Series 2010C - September 15, 2010

MWAA AE Series 2010C-2 Reoffering Circular - September 15, 2021
MWAA_AE_Series 2010D Reoffering Circular - August 4, 2020
MWAA_AE_Series 2010D Supplement - March 9, 2021

MWAA_AE_Series 2010F1 - November 9, 2010

MWAA_AE_Series_2011A - September 23, 2015

MWAA_AE_Series_2011CD - September 21, 2011

MWAA_AE_Series_2012AB - June 6, 2012

MWAA_AE_Series 2013ABC - June 27, 2013 

MWAA_AE_Series 2014A - May 29, 2014

MWAA_AE_Series 2015BCD - June 30, 2015

MWAA_AE_Series 2016AB - June 14, 2016

MWAA_AE_Series 2017A - June 6, 2017

MWAA_AE_Series 2018A - May 31, 2018
MWAA_AE_Series 2019AB - June 4, 2019
MWAA_AE_Series 2020AB - December 12, 2019
MWAA_AE_Series 2020AB Updated OS - June 25, 2020
MWAA_AE_Series 2021AB - June 2, 2021
Dulles Corridor Enterprise

MWAA_DTR_Series 2009ABCD - August 5, 2009 

MWAA_DTR_Series 2010ABD - May 18, 2010

MWAA_DTR_Series 2014A - May 14, 2014
MWAA_DTR_Series 2019A - June 6, 2019
MWAA_DTR_Series 2019B - December 4, 2019
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