× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: July 19, 2021 7:24 EDT

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

× Important Information About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Last Updated: July 19, 2021 7:24 EDT

Reagan National Airport Traveler Update on Coronavirus

Reagan National Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to/from the Airport

What address do I put in to my Navigation System?

Getting to Reagan National is easy! Simply enter the following address:

2401 S Smith Blvd Arlington, VA 22202

How soon before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

Check with your airline, but if you are departing on a domestic flight, we recommend customers arrive 2 hours prior to departure.

Is the Airport open 24 hours a day?

Reagan National is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for passengers, people who are assisting passengers, and airport employees.

Ground Transportation

Where is the Rental Car Facility?

On-Airport rental car counters are located on the first floor in the Terminal A Garage. Proceed directly to the rental car counters if you have an existing reservation or need to make a reservation. If you are a rental car club member, proceed directly to the 2nd or 3rd floor of Garage A to pick up your keys. You may either ride the bus or walk to reach the rental car location.  Currently due to construction at the airport, you can only board the “Rental Car/Economy” shuttle bus on the Ticketing Level at terminal door 4. Get off at the Terminal A Garage/Rental Car stop. If you choose to walk, follow signs towards Terminal Parking Garage A, approximately 10 minutes from Terminals A & B and 15 minutes from Terminal C.

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How can I get to/from Reagan National by Metro Rail (subway)?

The Washington, DC Metro Rail system has an elevated station connected to the concourse level of Terminals B and C at Reagan National Airport. Terminal A is a short walk inside the Terminal. Use the blue or yellow lines to access the Reagan National Airport station. The Metrorail system provides easy and affordable access to locations throughout Washington, Virginia and Maryland.

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Where can I get a taxi?

 Taxis may be found by exiting through any terminal Baggage Claim door to the curbside where taxi lines are clearly marked.

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Is Uber, Lyft, or Via authorized for pick up at your airport?

Authorized Uber, Lyft, and Via drivers may pick up their customers at Reagan National. Customers can access services from their smartphone and coordinate directly with their driver for pickup location.


Where can I park while at the airport?

At Reagan National, we offer parking at the Terminal A, B and C Garages. This parking offers the closest parking to the Terminal. Passengers may walk to the terminal or ride a shuttle. We also offer Economy parking with shuttle service to all terminals.

More parking information

Is parking currently available at the airport?

Can I reserve parking in advance?

Yes!  Have confidence knowing there’s space reserved and waiting upon your arrival! Reserve your parking here.

How do I use my parking reservation?

As you drive up to the entry gate, insert the credit card you specified as your access method when you made your reservation to the desired parking lot entrance. The gate will open and allow you to enter.  When you return, proceed to the parking lot express exit and insert the same credit card into the ticket machine.  The gate will open and allow you to leave. Contact 703-417-park (7275) with problems. 

I made a parking reservation but the signage states the lot is full. How do I enter?

Your reservation is still good with us. See a parking attendant at the entrance to the lot you reserved.  Follow the directions on the question above.  

I lost my parking receipt. Can I request a duplicate receipt?

Yes. Contact us here, and we will attempt to find and print you a duplicate receipt.

When does the shuttle bus from the Economy Lot to the Terminal operate?

The shuttle bus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all terminals.

How can I update my parking reservation? (i.e. cancel, extend time, etc.)

You can access your parking reservation on the same website you paid for your reservation.   Select "Manage My Booking" at the top of the page. You can make changes up to 24 hours before your arrival time. 

What is the maximum height clearance in the Terminal Parking Garages?

Garage A is 7' while Garages B/C are 8'2.


How can I find out if a flight has arrived?

Airport flight information is available here. You also contact your airline directly by phone or online.

Why isn't my flight showing on the live flight information board in the airport?

It may be because it’s too early or too late or it may be that the flight operator hasn’t supplied any information yet. The information shown is based on what the airlines tell us about the progress of their flights. Search here for all scheduled flights.

To whom should I report items missing from my baggage?

Please contact your airline directly regarding your missing item. Claims for missing items may also be filed with the TSA which is responsible for the screening of passengers and baggage at all U.S. airports.

My luggage did not arrive with me at DCA. How do I get my luggage?

Contact your airline to report a lost or missing bag. The Airline will track your bag and make arrangements to have it delivered or picked up at the airport

Can I meet or escort someone to/from their gate?

Although only ticketed passengers are allowed through security and to the gate areas, it is possible to have gate passes issued to non-travelers under certain circumstances. These are issued at the airline's discretion. Contact your airline, provide a valid photo ID, and the airline will determine whether they are able to issue you a pass based on your particular circumstances.

Connecting Flight Information

I need information on how to get to my connecting gate.

Step-by-step directions for our customers navigating connections may be found using our Virtual Navigation System. Should you require any assistance in getting to your gate, please consult with your airline. We also have Travelers Aid Volunteers who staff information desks throughout the airport who can assist you. Please visit any of the numerous kiosks for information regarding flight status, gate locations, or other service information.

Do I need to go through security when connecting Terminals?

If you are an American Airlines passenger and you need to connect between the piers (Gates 23 – 34 and 35 – 45) there is an American Airlines operated shuttle to connect you. Look for shuttle bus signage near Gate 23 or Gate 38 or ask an AA employee for assistance. If you are connecting to any other airline, you will need to pass through security again on your connection.

Shopping and Dining

What shopping and dining options are offered?

Reagan National has a fantastic selection of shopping and dining options. Dive into our Interactive Directory outlining all of our available options.

Wi-Fi/Internet Connectivity/Website

Do you have free wifi?

Free wifi is available in the Terminals. The official airport wifi is "FlyReagan" You will first need to confirm agreement with policies to gain access.

Read more about our wireless internet service.

For technical questions, please contact techWORKS@mwaa.com


Where do I pick up pets?

Be sure to check with your airline on where you can pick up pets.  Most pets, checked as baggage, will be hand delivered to the airline’s baggage office.

Do you have pet relief areas?

Reagan National features designated outdoor pet relief areas at several pre-security locations. The areas are clearly marked, and contain waste bags and receptacles for your convenience.


I need to request a wheelchair.

Customers may arrange for a wheelchair by contacting their airline.  Please notify your airline in advance of your visit so that they can better serve your needs.

TSA/Security Checkpoint

What items are prohibited coming through the checkpoint?

Customers can visit the TSA general information page to find a list of prohibited items.

Can I bring liquids through the security checkpoints?

Passengers are allowed to bring a quart-sized clear bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes. These items are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces or less per item.

More information from TSA

What travel documents can I use to get through security?

Proper photo identification is required in order to enter the TSA checkpoint. Please refer to the complete list of accepted travel documents for more information.

What time do the TSA Security Checkpoints open?

Terminal B/C checkpoints generally open at 4:00am. Terminal A checkpoint generally opens at 4:30am.

To whom should I report items missing from my baggage?

Please contact your airline directly regarding your missing item. Claims for missing items may also be filed with the TSA which is responsible for the screening of passengers and baggage at all U.S. airports.

How early should I arrive to Reagan National?

 We suggest you arrive 90 - 120 minutes before your flight to ensure you have plenty of time.

What is TSA Precheck?

TSA Precheck is an expedited screening program providing those who register with designated lanes to clear security.  Each checkpoint at Reagan National has a designated Precheck lane.  Look for signage at the TSA Checkpoint to designate the Pre - Check lane.

More information about TSA Pre-Check

How do I enroll in TSA Precheck?

You can apply for TSA Precheck at Reagan National Airport.  The office is located next to baggage claim 6 in Terminal B/C and is open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm.  Walk ins are accepted, however, appointments are given priority.  You can also apply online at https://www.tsa.gov/precheck.  Membership fees apply.

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a registered traveler program that allows members to bypass the traditional document check at the security checkpoint.  Customers visit a CLEAR kiosk located in a dedicated lane at the security checkpoints.  At the kiosk, customers scan their boarding pass and provide a biometric scan of their finger or eye to instantly verify their identity.  After verification, a CLEAR representative will escort the customer into the screening area.  Visit https://clearme.com/ for more information.

Where are the CLEAR member kiosks?

CLEAR has kiosks at each of Reagan National's four security checkpoints.  Look for the CLEAR logo or Representative.  The CLEAR member kiosks are available to customers when the security checkpoints are open.

How do I enroll in CLEAR

Reagan National has enrollment kiosks located near each of the security checkpoints and are open during the same operating hours as the checkpoint. You can also enroll online at https://clearme.com Membership fees apply.

Is there a benefit to having both CLEAR and TSA Precheck?

CLEAR customers who are also enrolled in TSA Precheck have the added benefit of directly entering the Precheck screening lane after their CLEAR identity verification.  The TSA Precheck lane offers expedited screening for additional time savings.

Lost and Found

I lost something at the airport. Who should I contact?

Visit our Lost and Found webpage to determine who you need to contact to find your item. There are separate Lost and Found offices for the Airlines, the Airport, and TSA. 

General Information

I have a long layover at Reagan National. What can I do to pass the time?

There are several options!

  • Enjoy one of our restaurants or shop in our stores
  • View our public art or rotating art exhibits
  • Check out the history of the airport at our Exhibit Hall in Terminal A or at Abingdon Plantation located between the Terminal A and Terminal B parking garages
  • Relax on one of the Terraces on the Departures level of Terminal B or C
  • Watch the planes depart in rocking chairs in Terminal A
  • Walk on the Mt. Vernon Trail
  • Visit Gravely Point Park to watch airplanes  

What can I do with my family or kids while at the airport?

Look out the windows - Our view is a great way for kids to see the operations of the airport from airplanes to ground crews.  From some windows you can even see the monuments and Capitol.

You can learn some history of the airport by visiting the Abingdon plantation between garages A and B or visit the Exhibit Hall in Terminal A.

You can view the public art in Terminals B and C including 10 floor medallions on the Concourse; 11 balustrades that overlook the Concourse; 5 murals; 1 bridge sculpture; 1 sunscreen panel on the south wall of the ticket level lobby; and 2 stained glass friezes

You can view rotating art exhibits in Terminal A or baggage claim in Terminals B and C.

You can visit the Historic Lobby in Terminal A – assuming there is not an event happening - and let your kids run up and down the space chasing after the planes taking off out the window. 

Shop at the Smithsonian Store on National Hall

Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl

Go for a walk on the Mt. VernonTrail

Walk just north of the airport to Gravely Point Park to watch planes land and take off at the airport or play frisbee

Use our free wifi to play video games, download kid friendly apps, watch movies

Use our family restrooms or nursing rooms

Is there a place I can store my luggage at the airport?

Unfortunately, baggage storage is not available at Reagan National Airport. 


Do you have a Nursing Room?

We have three Nursing Rooms throughout the airport. Their locations may be found here.

Can I rent a conference room at the airport?

Yes, we have facilities for rental presecurity in Terminal A. 

More information

How do I find out about job opportunities at the airport?

Visit our careers webpages.  We hope you will join us.

An airport employee provided great service. How can I recognize him?

Nominate him for the airport’s “Going the Extra Mile” or “GEM” award. Complete this online nomination form or send us an email at GEM.DCA@mwaa.com. Be sure to include the employee's name, company, and what they did that impressed you.

How can I provide feedback on my airport experience?