Metrorail Station

Reagan National Airport is conveniently located on the Metro.

The Washington, DC Metrorail system has an elevated Metrorail station connected to the concourse level of Terminals B and C at Reagan National Airport. The Metrorail system provides easy and affordable access to locations throughout Washington, Virginia and Maryland. 

Note: When planning your trip, check Metrorail’s track work schedule. For current operating status, view weekday and weekend track work service adjustments. 

Passenger Alert, Summer 2019: From Saturday, May 25, through Sunday, September 8, a major WMATA maintenance project will close all Metrorail stations south of Reagan National. Free shuttle buses will provide alternative service. Visit this website to plan travel alternatives. The Reagan National Metro stop will remain open throughout the project with normal train service to/from Washington, D.C. and points north. 

Getting to the Metrorail station from the Terminals:

  • Terminal B and C: Use either of two enclosed pedestrian bridges on the concourse level which connect directly to the station.
  • Terminal A: Exit the terminal to the streetside curb, and board any “Airport Shuttle” bus. At the stops for Terminal B/C or Parking Garages B and C you can access an enclosed bridge which connects to the Metrorail station. 

Getting to the Terminals from the Metrorail station:

  • Terminal C: Go to the north end of the train platform and exit the station. A pedestrian bridge connects directly to the Terminal’s Concourse level.  
  • Terminal B: Go to the south end of the train platform and exit the station. A pedestrian bridge connects directly to the Terminal’s Concourse level.
  • Terminal A: Go to either end of the train platform and exit the station towards the parking garage. Take the elevator or stairway to the street level below and board any "Airport Shuttle" bus.
  • Elevator access: The elevator is located at the center of the train platform.  There is a sloped sidewalk at ground level which connects to both pedestrian bridges (follow signs).

Metrorail Fares and Farecards

  • Metrorail farecards may be purchased at machines located at all entrances to the Airport Metrorail station. The station is also fully accessible via elevators.
  • The maximum fare to any station on the Metrorail system is less than $6 when using a SmarTrip card which is available for purchase inside the Metro station.

Hours of Operation

Refer to Metro's website for the Reagan National station.

For more Metrorail information, call (202) 637-7000; TTY (202) 638-3780. Or, visit the Transit Authority’s website.

Metrorail Map DCA