Information, Policies and Procedures

About Contracting Opportunities Online

The Contracting Opportunities Online website provides comprehensive project information for construction, architectural and engineering, goods services. and concessions opportunities with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. The information contained within the site is updated on a daily basis in order to provide the latest, most complete project information available, The site is designed and managed by Mike Giardina, the Airports Authority's Procurement Technology Programs Leader. If you have any questions regarding the site or need additional information about contracting opportunities with the Airports Authority, you can send an e-mail message to or call us at 703-417-8672.

Instructions for Obtaining Solicitation Documents

Complete electronic documents for most Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority solicitations are available for download from the Airports Authority website free of charge. Occasionally, the drawings and specifications for larger construction projects may be issued on CD-ROM.  In such cases, instructions for ordering the CD-ROM will be posted to the project's webpage.

Submission of Bids, Proposals and Other Solicitation Responses

Responses to solicitations shall be submitted prior to the deadline specified in the solicitation to the specified procurement office.  Responses can be hand-delivered, sent via courier or overnight express delivery service, or through the United States Postal Service.  If hand-delivering to the Airports Authority's main office at 2733 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA, please allow time to sign in at the lobby security desk and go through security screening and scanning before you will be allowed to deliver the solicitation response to the Airports Authority's main reception desk on the sixth floor of the building.

Small and Minority Business Programs

The Authority has a variety of programs designed to maximize the opportunities for small, disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned business enterprises when competing for Authority contracts, adopted a policy to encourage reasonable efforts whenever possible to offer employment to qualified veterans, including the disabled, by the Authority, its contractors and subcontractors.

For more information, please visit the Department of Supplier Diversity.

Employment of Veterans Policy

The Airports Authority has adopted a policy to encourage reasonable efforts whenever possible to offer employment to qualified veterans, including the disabled, by the Authority, its contractors and subcontractors.

Living Wage Program

The Airports Authority has adopted a Living Wage Program which establishes a minimum living wage which must be paid to employees working on personnel-based service contracts. The Airports Authority's living wage is the average of the current living wages of the City of Alexandria, Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland. Effective July 1, 2020, the Airports Authority's living wage is $15.13 per hour. Note that this rate is applicable to new personnel-based service contracts solicited after July 1, 2020.

July 2020 Minimum Living Wage Memorandum and Living Wage Contract Provision


Every effort is undertaken to ensure the accuracy of all information within the Contracting Opportunities On-Line website as of the date posted on each page. In the event of a discrepancy, information contained in the official Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority documents shall take precedence.

All Planholder Lists are provided for informational purposes only, with the understanding that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority does not endorse any of the firms listed. Additionally, the lists reflect only those firms that have either registered as a planholder on-line or have purchased documents from the Airports Authority as of the date shown, and are only as accurate as the information provided at the time of registration.