Exhibit Hall at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Preserving DCA’s rich history has always been a main priority for the Airports Authority. Recently, the Exhibit Hall in Terminal A relocated to an area that will allow for increased visibility and more passengers and visitors to enjoy the history of Reagan National. The new location for the Exhibit Hall is in the corridor connecting the B/C Terminal to Terminal A and offers several unique museum-like exhibits including video presentations, a model of the original terminal, memorabilia from the airport’s original dining room and artifacts found during the preservation of the Abingdon Plantation.

This new construction is a key component to preserving the historic past of one of the best preserved prewar airports in the nation.


“The new Exhibit Hall location gets so much more passengers flow than before. Terminal A was the original airport and now we have people looking at its history in the space where it all started,” said Airports Authority Architect, Dion Prime.

The continued renovation of Terminal A brings a unique experience for passengers traveling through the airport and will preserve the history for years to come.


“Absolutely beautiful!” - Aeggie Perez, Panama


“The history behind this place is amazing!” - Cosette Hatch, Vermont


“Thank you for preserving and sharing this slice of history.” - Denise Lataser, Texas


“Great history lesson!” - Mark Mercer, Canada