Where do I park? 

You are authorized to park in the employee parking lot that matches the designation on this permit.  The map on the inside of this brochure shows the locations of all the Airport employee parking lots.

When do the employee shuttle buses operate? 

The airport’s employee shuttle bus program operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Bus service occurs every 15 minutes beginning at 3:30 A.M., and every hour beginning at 12:00 P.M.; with increased rider-capacity during work-shift changes. The buses will deliver you to a shuttle bus stop near your workplace or your parking space.

How long may I park at the Airport? 

Employees may park only for the duration of their daily work schedule, up to 24 hours.  Crewmembers may park up to 96 hours.   Requests for an extension shall be coordinated by the employer’s Manager with the Airport’s Parking Coordinator.  Employees may not park in an employee parking lot while on VACATION, nor for any reason not directly related to their daily work schedule.

What if my permit is lost or stolen?

Remember, roll up the windows and lock your vehicle ~ always protect the permit!  The fee to replace a lost or stolen permit is $25, plus the current fee for a new permit.  A copy of the police report is required; to aid in the recovery and prosecution of misused permits; and your refund, if the permit is recovered.  Employee parking permits are the property of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

What if I leave my current employer?

If you are no longer employed on the Airport, you MUST surrender the permit to the Agent Cashier.  If you change jobs on the Airport and your former employer paid for your permit, you must return the permit to that former employer.  If you paid for the permit, you may continue to use it if you notify the Agent Cashier of your new employment.  Parking enforcement relies on the information you provide.