Visitor's Guide for Patrons with Disabilities at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is fully committed to providing universal access to all public facilities and services at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for all of its patrons.

Washington, DC, is considered one of the most accessible cities in the United States. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is working to ensure that this very important gateway to our Nation's Capital is also accessible to all patrons. Click here for more information.

Animal Relief Areas
Reagan National Airport has designated animal relief areas for service animals that accompany passengers. Click here for more information.

Reagan National Airport's parking facilities are accessible for persons with special needs.  Specially designated parking spaces are available for the disabled in vehicles displaying a government-issued plate or placard for use by the disabled.  For more information, please click here.

Public Telephones
In Terminals B and C, TTY units are located throughout the Airport and are clearly marked with blue and white signs above each unit. In addition, each group of pay phones has a clear path to a wheelchair accessible unit. All pay telephones are equipped with volume control, are hearing-aid compatible, and have Braille or raised numbers. Over one-third of our public pay telephones are equipped with connections for portable computers, and several of these units also have power connections available for PC users.

Public Address and Information Systems
A Visual Paging System is used in addition to the audible Public Address System for the broadcast of airport information to the general public. The Visual Page is prominently above each of the Airport Directories throughout Terminals B and C. Within the holdrooms at each airline's gates, visual boarding announcements appear on monitors in order that all passengers are able have information about the boarding process. Flight Information Display System (FIDS) boards and Baggage Information Display System (BIDS) units are placed throughout the Terminals and have been carefully situated to minimize glare and ensure readability.

Security Screening
All security checkpoints are accessible. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which conducts passenger screening at the checkpoints, has a program to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. Click here for more information.

Taxicab Service
Uniformed taxicab dispatchers are also available to assist passengers with disabilities in selecting a wheelchair accessible taxicab. If a wheelchair accessible taxicab is not available within the dispatch system an accessible taxicab will be called to the Airport. Passengers with disabilities are encouraged to contact the taxicab dispatch office 24 hours in advance at 703-417-4333 to make pre-arrangements to ensure these services are available when needed.