Fire Code Permit Application

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Office of Public Safety
Fire and Rescue Department
Fire Code Enforcement Division
Fire Code Permit Application

Business Name: 
(xyz INC)  
Street Address: 
Address (cont.): 

(SUITE 555)  
Zip/Postal Code: 

Contact Name: 
Business Phone Number: 
Emergency Phone Number: 
(24 Hour Contact Number)
E-mail Address: 


*Location of Activity: 
Type of Permit Requested:
    Outside Cooking
   Propane  Charcoal    Other
    Open Burning
   Tent or Air Supported Structure
    Explosives / Blasting
    Hazardous Materials
    Open Flame/Candles
    Temporary Heating Equipment
    Other (please specify below)
 Requested Start Date: 
 Completion Date: 
Start Time: 
(06:00AM 12 Hour Clock)  
 End Time: 
(4:00PM 12 Hour Clock)  
Will this permit be needed :
Monday through Friday within the time range specified
Everyday including weekends within the time range specified
Every day, without a break, from beginning date and time to
end date and time
Reason for Permit Request (Describe Activity) :

IIf a Fire Protection System (i.e., detection, alarm, suppression, and/or reporting system) is present in the area of the activity for which the permit is being requested a Fire Protection System Outage may also be required in addition to the permit. If a fire protection system outage is required, the request for approval shall be initiated with the Authority’s Utilities Services Division. Additionally, notification of the Fire Code Enforcement Division must occur whenever any Fire Protection System is removed from service. Failure to coordinate with the Utilities Services Division for a Fire Protection System Outage and to make notification to the Fire Code Enforcement Division will void a permit.
Is there a Fire Protection System impairment required?

Upon review of this application, you will be contacted by a Fire Inspector to complete the permit process.

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