Terminal Parking

Select between Hourly and Daily Parking when entering the lot

Dulles Terminal Parking

Terminal parking gives passengers enhanced convenience just steps from the front doors of the main terminal. The lot is divided into two sections: Terminal/Hourly and Terminal/Daily. Overnight parking rates are lower in Terminal/Daily. Hourly rates are the same throughout the lot.

Parking Rates for Terminal/Daily

  • Hourly Rate: $6 per hour
  • Daily Maximum: $22 per day (24-hour period)

Parking Rates for Terminal/Hourly

  • Hourly Rate: $6 per hour
  • Daily Maximum: $30 per day (24-hour period)

Customers are encouraged to take their parking tickets with them and use the Pay & Go machines located in the terminals to pre-pay before returning to the lot. Other payment options include major credit cards and cash.


  • When entering the lot, follow signs and bear left to park in Terminal/Daily, or bear right to park in Terminal/Hourly.
  • Located directly across from the terminal and is the closest self-parking option at Dulles. Terminal/Daily is great for flying customers who want to park close to the terminal at reduced overnight parking rates.
  • There are two access points within the lot for customers that may wish to park and take the underground pedestrian walkway to the terminal.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length of stay. Vehicles left for longer than 45 days must be registered with the parking office to avoid being identified as ‘abandoned’ and removed from the premises at the owner’s expense.