ATMs & Foreign Currency Exchange

Capital One Banks ATMs

  • Midfield Concourse A, Mobile Lounge Dock
  • Midfield Concourse B, adjacent to Travelex kiosk
  • Midfield Concourse C, near C16 and next to newsstand
  • Midfield Concourse D, near Duty Free and Mobile Lounge Dock
  • Main Terminal, Bag Claim Level, near Bag Claim #5 and #13.
  • Main Terminal, Walkway to D, H, & Z Gates

Capital One Bank

  • Main Terminal, Bag Claim Level, across from Bag Claim 5.703-661-5091

International Currency Exchange

Main Number: 703-572-3335

Ticketing Level Branch Number: 703-572-3336


  • Ticketing East
  • Ticketing West
  • Concourse A/B Center
  • Concourse C, C8 and C12
  • D Concourse, Rotunda
  • IAB, Main Terminal