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Dulles Concourse and Related Projects Environmental Assessment

The purpose of this Environmental Assessment (EA) was to evaluate existing conditions and environmental effects for building a new, permanent midfield concourse to replace the existing Concourse C/D that was built as a temporary facility in the 1980's. The Proposed Action (Build Alternative) included these four elements: Tier 2 Concourse (New permanent Concourse C), an Automated People Mover (APM) System and south utilities and support facilities.

The Tier 2 Concourse is the major component of the Proposed Action (Build Alternative). The new concourse will replace the existing Concourse C/D, which has neither the necessary space nor appropriate updated passenger amenities to serve present-day or future needs of United Airlines, the largest airline at IAD and the principal tenant on the existing Concourse C/D. The project will consist of the construction of a permanent midfield concourse south of the existing Concourse C/D. In addition, a baggage tunnel containing a baggage conveyor system, a tug tunnel, and a pedestrian walkback tunnel will be constructed as part of the Tier 2 Concourse project. After completion of the new concourse, existing Concourse C/D will be demolished.

Another major project that is part of this study includes the construction of the Automated People Mover System (APM). The APM system project will consist of a new underground train system that will connect the midfield concourses and the Main Terminal. The train system will be electric-powered and will substantially reduce the use of the existing Mobile Lounge service. The project will include 6 miles of tunnels, eight stations, and connections to the Main Terminal, to the concourses, and to a maintenance facility. Two separate APM systems will be constructed: one for domestic passengers and one for arriving international passengers.

In August 2002, FAA determined a Finding of No Significant Interest.

Dulles Concourse and Related Projects Final Environmental Assessment (Executive Summary)

Dulles Tier 2 EA - Executive Summary (PDF, 9pages, 346KB )

Dulles Concourse and Related Projects Final Environmental Assessment (Entire Document)  

Dulles Tier 2 EA(PDF, 623 pages, 52,762KB )

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