Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority

Dulles International Airport

Security Screening Mezzanines at Dulles International

As part of the D2 Program at Dulles, two new Security Screening Mezzanines were added to the Main Terminal as part of the project to construct the AeroTrain System. These new mezzanines opened to passengers on September 15, 2009. Click here to read the press release about this opening.

Security Screening

Previously, passengers entered security screening from the Ticket Counter (Departures) level of the Main Terminal. With the new Security Screening Mezzanine, the number of security entrances have been expanded on each level:

  • Ticket Counter (Departures) level: Two security screening entrances, each marked "TO ALL GATES."
  • Baggage Claim (Arrivals) level: Two security screening entrances, also marked "TO ALL GATES." This is a convenient option for passengers with pre-printed boarding passes and no checked baggage. The entrances are located near bag claim numbers 4 and 12.
New Entrance

After proceeding through security, follow the signs to your departing flight's gate area. Signage will direct you to the quickest route, whether it takes you on the AeroTrain or to a shuttle or walkway.