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01 Aerotrain menu.jpg

AeroTrain System - COMPLETE

The AeroTrain System, which includes four stations, opened to passengers in January 2010.
02 AeroTrain maint menu.jpg

AeroTrain Maintenance Facility - COMPLETE

Situated at the southern end of the train line, this building houses the maintenance and storage facility for the AeroTrain cars.
03 IAB expansion.jpg

International Arrivals Building Expansion - COMPLETE

This 3-phase project doubled the previous space and increased passenger processing and baggage handling capacity.
04 Conc B expansion menu.jpg

Concourse B Expansion - COMPLETE

The concourse grew by four gates in 2002 and by 15 more in 2008.  An AeroTrain station in the concourse will open later in 2009.
05 Main Term Renov menu.jpg

Main Terminal Expansion and Renovation - COMPLETE

The Main Terminal was expanded to meet its original design specifications. Also, on the ticketing level, ticket counters were relocated to give passengers more room. On the baggage level, new carousels were installed.
06 Main Term Sta menu.jpg

Main Terminal AeroTrain Station - COMPLETE

The station is comprised of four levels, including a new security mezzanine which provides a new, dedicated space for passenger screening.
07 4th Runway menu.jpg

4th Runway - COMPLETE

A new runway 1L/19R entered service on November 20, 2008.  It is the third North-South runway at the Airport, and the fourth runway overall.
08 North Roadways menu.jpg

Roadway Improvements - COMPLETE

Several roadway projects have been constructed to improve traffic flow all around the Airport's public road system.
09 Air Traffic Tower menu.jpg

New Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) - COMPLETE

This is the new workspace for Air Traffic Controllers employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The new ATCT provides sweeping views of Dulles and all of its runways.
10 Parking Gar menu.jpg

Daily Parking Garages with Walkways - COMPLETE

In 2002 and 2003, Dulles added public garage parking for 8500 vehicles.
11 Walkway B menu.jpg

Passenger Walkway to Concourse B - COMPLETE

In 2004, a walkway opened which provides direct passenger access between the Main Terminal and Concourse B.
12 Runway 30 menu.jpg

Runway 12-30 Reconstruction - COMPLETE

Round-the-clock work in the summer of 2004 rebuilt this runway which runs roughly East and West.
13 Z Gates menu.jpg

New Z-Gates - Phase 1 COMPLETE

New, permanent airline gates attached to the Main Terminal opened in 2005.

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