GEM Dulles

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We are proud to announce our October GEM Employees.

Airport Manager Chris Browne, Neuf Padilla – 5 Star U Street Parking

Neuf Padilla

Parking Attendant
5 Star U Street Parking

We recently took a trip from Dulles to Salzburg, Austria and we parked our car in the Green Satellite parking lot. When we returned on October 1st, we were surprised to find paper and tape covering our rear passenger window on the driver's side. As we thought the window had been broken, we flagged down the parking lot tow truck that was passing by. It turned out that we had left that window open -- and the driver of that tow truck, Neuf Padilla had noticed it and covered the window to protect it against rain. Thank you for having that tow truck patrolling the lots; and please let Mr. Padilla know that his attention to his job is greatly appreciated by us. P.S. If you could relay this message to Mr. Padilla's employer, 5-Star U Street Parking, that would be great.

-Tony T.


<>Samuel Tawiah


Mobile Lounge Driver
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

I was that crazy lady running through the airport trying to catch an international flight to my father’s funeral. I had been given the wrong boarding pass at the original gate and was already on the bus for gate 11? (I think it was terminal C or D). The bus (mobile lounge) was about to drive off when Samuel saw my distress, helped me get off quickly. When I returned, he helped me get on the correct bus and made sure I was then at the right terminal. His kindness will always be remembered.

-Sharon D.