GEM Dulles

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Please click play button for Washington Dulles International Airport Manager's GEM message.

We are proud to announce our September GEM Employees.

Chris Browne, Airport Manager and Sheila Jimenez, Airport Ambassador

Airport Ambassador
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

I want to let you know one of your employees, Sheila Jimenez (Airport Ambassador), is an amazing person and I want to send you this e-mail so you can recognize her for her good work.

On Monday evening, August 19, I was at Terminal A of Dulles waiting to for my flight to head back to Toronto. Twenty-five minutes before my flight took off, I realized I left my laptop at the Security Checkpoint at the Main Terminal. I was in panic mode as this is my business laptop and my work life depends on it.

I bumped into Sheila at the people mover platform and I explained my situation to her. I asked for her help and gave her my business card so she can call me if she found my laptop.

Meanwhile, I went to the United Airlines counter and had my flight changed to a later flight. Sheila called me back in 10 minutes and told me that the Security officer at the Main Terminal had located a lost laptop. Sheila said she would meet me at the Main Terminal and take me to the Security Office so I can get my laptop back. I was able to get my laptop returned to me. Sheila then accompanied me to Terminal C so I know how to board a shuttle to Terminal D to get to the gate for my Toronto flight.

Throughout this whole event, Sheila was calm, professional and supportive; and all the way through with a smile. You have an excellent employee on your team. Thank you for all the training you provided her. She is an angel to a traveler who needs help on the road.