GEM Dulles

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Please click play button for Washington Dulles International Airport Manager's GEM message.

We are proud to announce our August GEM Employees.

Pictured are Chris Browne-Airport Manager, Joyce Bergin, and Mike Stewart- Manager Airport Administration

Joyce Bergin
Lost and Found Property Technician
Washington Dulles International Airport

It is not often that I get a severe shock to my system, but on Thursday August 22, 2013 I left a valise along with my laptop on one of the barricades at Door 2. Now I’m sure there are many and varied ways travelers get separated from things, many of them critical. I'll not bore you with mine. The call I got the next morning from Joyce Bergin lowered my blood pressure considerably. I know that calling on lost items was her job, and she assured me that if (we) travelers did not lose things from time to time, she would not have a job. Her “above and beyond” attitude is what she did for my attitude. It’s easy to beat yourself up when such things happen. I asked myself, "Am I growing senile in my old age and should I start to narrow my ambition? Is this the early stage of Alzheimer’s?" The derogatoriness can go on and on.

I won't tell my wife…unless I really want to relive that miserable moment; but Joyce made me thankful because without this episode, I would not have met her. My cousin, who teaches resilience training for the Army, calls such discovery "the good stuff." Meeting Joyce was the good stuff for this trip to D.C.
Winston W