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Employee of the Monthe - July

We are proud to announce our July GEM Employees.

Pictured are Fahmo Jimale, Said Alawi, Chris Browne (Airport Manager), Ojulu Lero

Fahmo Jimale (5 Star U-Street Parking), very early on Wednesday morning, July 2:30 am, I entered the daily parking lot to pick up my car and drive to a hotel to spend the night. I got there...NO CAR! I walked all over 2G...and then 2H....and then 3H...and then 3G...and then 1G...and then 1H. Then-- I gave up, certain my car had been stolen. I’m sad, exhausted, and sick. So, I decided to walk to the payment gate and see if anyone was there. And there she was! My Angel! I walked up to her window and told her I thought my car had been stolen...that I'd been walking for an hour just to be sure. I was tired and hot. She said "which parking lot did you go into?" I said, "Which?" She said there is a Lot 1 and Lot 2. I had gone in to Lot 2! She had me walk into an office area, got me a glass of water and went on her computer. After she figured out my license plate number from the picture on my cell phone, she found the car and called a co-worker to come and fetch me and bring me to my car. She did all of this with courtesy and compassion. She was gracious and kind. She helped me! I was a mess. This is the first new car I've owned in 25 years. It's my dream car! Fahmo deserves a raise, at a minimum. It wouldn't hurt to have her train your employees at inception! You could only benefit from her desire to exceed anyone's expectations! Another person could have looked at me like I was an idiot and done nothing. I'm so glad Fahmo was there to help me. Cancer is a constant battle in my life. She made a very long day shorter. Please thank her again for me. Maria S.

Said Alawi (Dulles Airport Taxi/Washington Flyer Taxi)

Dear Washington Flyer Taxi, I own a small business in Los Angeles and I frequently travel to Washington, D.C.

Last Wednesday I landed at IAD, safe and sound, but without my wallet... no driver's license, no money, no credit cards! Rather than trying to get my rental car, which I figured would be hopeless without a driver's license; I went to Washington Flyer Taxi to see about transportation to my hotel. I explained my predicament to driver Said Alawi (taxi #174), indicating that I could call my wife and relay my credit card number to him. In checking with his night manager he was told that this was not acceptable, no way, no how. I was at a loss. I became depressed. Said Alawi then took it upon himself. He said "Get in, I will take you." And so he did. I guess he judged someone he could trust. It lifted my spirits! Not only that, but after dropping me at the hotel he offered to give me the $80 he had in cash to help my predicament! And so he did. It made my spirits soar! A singular, unsolicited act of empathy and kindness I have never personally encountered in all my life. It made a deep impression on me. I have been telling it to all who listen. Please, I would like you to have him singled out for a special commendation... an example of good judgment and heartfelt assistance for a traveler in dire straits. It speaks volumes about the kind of drivers you have chosen to represent your service at IAD. Gratefully, Jerry B.

Ojulu Lero (Dulles Airport Taxi/Washington Flyer Taxi)

On Saturday, July 20, at around 6:30 - 7:00 pm, my family and I used Taxi #008 to take us from Dulles Airport to our home in Gaithersburg, MD. On Sunday morning, I realized that I could not find my purse and I could not remember what I had done with it. As it turned out, I had left it on the front seat of Mr. Ojuhn Hero's taxi (please excuse my spelling of his name - he wrote it on a piece of paper but, I find it hard to read). He drove all the way back to Gaithersburg this morning to return it to me. I was so happy to see him. We thanked him, and I hugged and kissed him. What a wonderful thing he did for me. He said that he planned to return it to me last night, but when he found it, it was very late. If your company has some sort of award program or an employee appreciation program, please consider Mr. Hero for his generosity and honesty. Thank you very much, Pamela M.