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Employees of the Month

We are proud to announce our April 2014 GEM Employees

Corporals Melanie Zinger, Ebony Smith and Patrick Raffert

Ebony Smith, Melanie Zinger and Patrick Raffert
MWAA Police Department

Hello my name is Essiet.  I was in transit yesterday from Portland Oregon to New York City with a transfer at Dulles International Airport.  As you probably know, the airports have been a bit chaotic this past week.

When I got off my flight & collected my belongings, including a bass violin bow, I was a little disoriented because of leaving so early from the west coast. I started trying to get my flight info for the final leg of my journey from Dulles to LaGuardia. In the process of asking around and moving from terminal to terminal, I became tired and I lost track of my bass bow.

Before long, I was a bit panicked because these music instruments are personal & expensive.

I saw Corporal Smith & Zinger walking so I asked them if they could help me find my bow. They immediately started calling around and gave me some phone numbers to call for lost items.

Later on I ran into Corporal Raffert and he was equally as helpful as the previous officers.

Corporal Raffert took my cell phone number and said he would start working on my problem. He later met me to retrace my steps through the terminal; and even later, called me to say that while working with officers Smith & Zinger they had seen me on video with the bow.  From their description of the videos, I was able to trace where I had last held the bow.  I found the bow as a result.

I honestly think that without their help I would have lost my instrument for good.

The way that they spoke to me and treated me was by far the most professional experience I have had traveling; and I travel a lot.  These officers exhibit very high standards and it makes me feel good that they are patrolling Dulles airport.  I hope all other airports nationwide have such standards.  I'm serious.

I just want to say thank you very much to Corporal Officers Smith, Zinger & Raffert for making a potentially bad travel experience in to a very good journey.


-Essiet E.