Dulles Pass & ID Office

The Dulles Badge Office issues badges for airport employees


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Effective December 4, 2017 - MWAA Orders & Instructions (O&I) IAD 6-4-1H has been released.  This O&I cancels O&I IAD 6-4-1G, Washington Dulles International Airport Identification Badge Requirements, dated August 2, 2016!  The following Washington Dulles International Airport Security Bulletins are also cancelled:

  • 111306.1 dated 11/13/2006
  • 111306.2 dated 11/13/2006
  • 111306.3 dated 11/13/2006
  • 02052009 dated 02/05/2009
  • 01082016 dated 01/08/2016
  • 10072015 dated 10/07/2015
  • 20160729-1 dated 07/29/2016

Badge Office Location and hours


Location: Arrivals level of Main Terminal across from baggage claim #7.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 17045
Washington Dulles International Airport, MA-216
Washington, DC  20041-0045

Street Mailing Address for Overnight packages:

MWAA – Badge Office
Main Terminal – Lower Level Across From Baggage Claim # 7
1 Saarinen Circle
Dulles, VA 20166

Hours Open:

  • Weekdays from 7 am – 2:30 pm, and Wednesdays from 9 am – 5 pm

  • Closed the 2nd Thursday of each month

IET Training Room:

Located adjacent to the Renewal Badge Office and open to all individuals during Badge Office hours.

  • Open daily from 6am to 10pm for all active badge holders

The Airports Authority normally follows the OPM guidelines for the Federal holidays closings and any other delayed openings and early closings.

Calendar Year 2018 Holiday and Administrative Closure Schedule 

The Pass & ID Office will be closed on the following days:​

  • April 12 - Administrative Closure
  • May 10 - Administrative Closure
  • May 28 - Memorial Day
  • June 14 - Administrative Closure
  • July 4 - Independence Day
  • July 12 - Administrative Closure
  • August 9 - Administrative Closure
  • September 3 - Labor Day
  • September 13 - Administrative Closure
  • October 8 - Columbus Day
  • October 11 - Administrative Closure
  • November 8 - Administrative Closure
  • November 12 - Observance of Veterans Day
  • November 22 - Thanksgiving
  • November 23 - Administrative Closure
  • December 13 - Administrative Closure
  • December 25 - Christmas Day
  • January 1, 2019 - New Year's Day


The office reopens at 7am the following business day.

Badge Application Process


Applicants can make a reservation online or walk-in for service using our reservation management system.

If you are a new applicant: 

  1. Report to the New Badge Office first with all the completed required documentation.
  2. You will then be sent to be fingerprinted for the Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and STA submission.
  3. You will be notified by your Certifying Official when your application has been approved.
  4. Once notified, proceed to the IET training room to complete security training and driver training if applicable.
  5. Once you have completed training, proceed to the New Badge Office to receive your bage.

If you are renewing your badge:

  1. Proceed to the IET training room to complete annual security training and complete additional training if you have one of the following:
    • Non-movement driver endorsement as indicated by a "D" on your badge.
    • Movement driver endorsement as indicated by a "DM" on your badge.
    • Are a designated Certifying Official for your company.
  2. Once you have completed training, proceed to the Renewal Badge Office with all the completed required documentation to receive your badge. Badges may be renewed up to 30 calendar days prior to badge expiration.

Required forms for all applicants - Click links below to download, complete and print both forms.  If you need help completing the application, please refer to the instructions.

1. Pass & ID Application Form Click to download

2. Fingerprint Application (36 Questions) Click to download


Annually, each application must be marked as a Renewal and the Individual must present two (2) forms of Identification. One must be picture ID.


The fee for fingerprint collection is $29.00. If receiving a security threat assessment (STA) an additional $11 fee will be charged (Total fee $29 + $11= $40) (check, cash, money order, or credit card accepted)


Effective September 1, 2017 - A new employee incentive program will be implemented at Washington Dulles International Airport.  This program rewards employees for their safety and security awareness and actions.  Please see Orders and Instructions (O&I) MWAA 10-3-1 Incentive Programs for Airport Employees and the Nomination Form for more information.  Questions may be directed to the Airport Security Coordinator at 703-572-2730.



Certification Official Information


Airport security is a serious matter and one which requires trustworthy dedicated individuals to oversee the various processes. One of the individuals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires is an Authorized Signer… known at Dulles International as the Designated Certification Official or Certification Official.  As a Certification Official, a great responsibility is placed upon the individual to help the Airport Authority ensure the integrity and accountability of the badging and access control systems for the respective company.


An individual must be designated by their company to be a Certification Official through a request submitted on the Designated Certification Official Letter (available from the Badge Office).  Once the request is approved and the Certification Official has cleared the process, the Designated Certification Official Letter will be kept on file in the Badge Office and must be updated by the company within 7 business days if there are any changes.

The Designated Certification Official must complete the following prior to any other employee starting the badge application process:

  1. Apply for and receive an airport issued ID badge.

  2. Complete the Security Training and the Certification Official Training video. This training must be completed annually as part of the badge renewal training for the Designated Certification Official. 

  3. Will receive information from the Badge Office pertaining to your duties and responsiblities as a Certification Official.

Additionally, you must maintain a valid ID badge and complete the applicable annual training in order to retain your status as a Certification Official.

It is the responsibility of a Certification Official to have a complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities, to understand the basic concepts and requirements of airport security, and to be proactively involved in the role as a Certification Official.  Failure of the Certification Official to comply with any of the requirements may cause delays in processing a company’s employees or personnel through the Badge Office.

To help the Certification Official in understanding the duties and responsibilities, the Badge Office has developed the Certification Official Packet for guidance and reference. 

When returning ID badges to the Badge Office, please complete the Returned Badge Receipt Form and bring it along with the badges to the Renewal Badge Office. The form will be signed off by the Renewal Badge Office and you will be provided a copy of the signed receipt.


If your employee has a lost, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted badge and they need to have a new one issued; please ensure that they bring the UNACCOUNTED BADGE FORM with them to the Renewal Badge Office.


Company Onboarding


Hello, and Welcome to Washington Dulles International Airport!  The security of the airport and its customers is a serious matter that places great responsibility and accountability on entities and individuals who provide services at the facility.  We understand that establishing your company operations at the airport can be a seamingly daunting and stressful task.   Our desire is to guide and help you through each step of establishing your company at the airport. 

To get started, it is important to understand that obtaining access to the security controlled areas of Washington Dulles may include additional permitting requirements such as engineering, administrative, or US Customs and Border Protection approval depending on the area's you need to access or the type of business you will be conducting.  Here are some points of contact to help you determine any other requirements applicable to your company:

  • Construction Work Permits - 703-572-2800
  • Commercial Aviation Services Permits - 703-572-2900
  • US Customs Bonds - click here for information or call CBP at 703-661-2840
  • Keys or Work Order Requests - 703-572-2813
  • Airfield Driving and Inspections - 703-572-2740
  • Airport Operations - 703-572-2730

If at anytime you need additional information or extra help please don't hesitate to call us at 703-572-2780.  Our staff will be more than happy to assist and provide you with guidance.

When you are setting up your company at Dulles International, please use the 4 step process below as your road map for getting you company badged and on to doing what your company is here to do!  

Step 1 – Determine your Business Type

Different business types require different types of documentation.  Please identify your business relationship from the following list to determine what documents are required.  We have provided corresponding checklists to show which documentation is required based on the business type selected.

  1. For organizations working for or leasing directly from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (including airlines, contractors or sub-contractors, and/or tenants), please use  Checklist A
  2. For organizations working for or sub-leasing from existing businesses or organizations established at Dulles International (such as vendors, sub-tenants, concessionaires, their contractors or sub-contractors, or companieswho provide services requiring a Commercial Aviation Services Permit), please use Checklist B.
  3. Governmental Agencies including federal, state, or local governments, please use Checklist C.   


Step 2 – Register with the Pass & ID Office

You must then register your entity with the Pass a& ID Office by submitting an email to IADPass&IDOffice@mwaa.com. The email should include scanned copies of all the necessary documents found in the appropriate Checklist. You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of receipt of your registration.  After reviewing the documentation, a Pass & ID Office representative will contact you to complete the registration process and will advise if there are any discrepancies to be corrected, or if any additional documentation is needed.  To complete the registration process, all original hard-copy documentation must be submitted to the New Badge Office upon the processing of the first Designated Certification Official for your company.  Missing or incomplete checklist documentation will delay badge issuance until all discrepancies are corrected.


Step 3 – Apply for Airport ID Badge

Once you receive written confirmation from the Pass & ID Office to begin the badging process, the Designated Certification Official(s) for your company should proceed to the New Badge Office to begin their individual badge processing. It is important to note that the at least one (1) Certification Offiicial with your entity must have completed the training and badging process prior to signing any other badge applications. The location and hours of the Pass and ID office can be found at the top of this page.

Please ensure that the Designated Certification Official(s) are bringing the appropriate documents to complete the registration process:

  • All original hard copies of the checklist documents.  (Only required from the first Designated Certification Official being processed)
  • Completed and Signed Airport ID Badge Application
  • Completed and Signed Fingerprint Application
  • Escort letter, if applicable
  • Customs Seal Application, if applicable
  • Two forms ID, see page 1 of Airport ID Badge Application for acceptable ID’s

A criminal records check and a security threat assessment will be started during the appointment; there is a $40.00 dollar administrative fee due at the time of service for each individual being processed for an ID Badge. You may pay by cash or credit card at the Agent Cashier’s window, located across the hall from the New Badge Office.  The application processing typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on customer volume. Please plan your time accordingly. 

When the application process is complete, the New Badge Office staff will provide you with additional information and the approximate timeline for background check completion.


Step 4 – Training and Badge Issuance

Once the criminal records check and security threat assessmenthave been processed and approved, the Certification Officials for your entity will receive a confirmation email. Individuals who have been approved to receive a badge may return to the airport to begin their training in the Interactive Environment Training (IET) room located at the Pass & ID Office.  Upon completion, and then to the New Badge Office for badge issuance. 

The IET training room is adjacent to the New Badge Office and is accessible during normal business hours. In the confirming email, you will be provided teh applicant's badge number.  Please have the applicant use that number to access the IET training system. 

The training courses that need to be completed are as follows:

  • Certification Official Training
  • Security Training or SIDA Training
  • Non-movement Training, if driving on Airfield is required

Once the Certification Official’s badge is issued, that person will be authorized to begin signing Airport ID Badge Applications for your employees and engage in the duties of a Certification Official.


Terminal Agent's Office


Located on baggage claim level across from the New Badge Office

Hours Open:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday* and Friday - 7:00am-1:00pm and 1:30pm-2:30pm

  • Wednesday - 9:00am-1:00pm and 1:30pm-5:00pm

  • *Closed: the 2nd Thursday of each month

Customs Seals - if applicable


Effective August 1, 2017 - CBP applications are no longer required for renewing badge holders who possess an active Customs Seal.  CBP applications are still required for those new badge applicants who need a Customs Seal or existing badge holders who are adding a Customs Seal.  Any and all questions reqarding the CBP seals process should be directed to CBP at 703-661-2800.

Located on baggage claim level beyond bag claim #15


Please call 703-661-2800 for more information, or visit their website to download CBP Application for Identification Card (Form 3078).

AOA Vehicle Inspection Information


AOA Vehicle Inspections are conducted at the East Vehicle Maintenance Facility accessible from Propeller Court - Gate 127.  The inspection station is closed during holidays and snow events. Please review all policy and procedure documents below, if you have any questions about vehicle inspections or vehicle related safety please call 703-572-2740.

Policy and Procedure Documents:




In accordance with 49 CFR Part 1542.207 (b):

  • Authorized requestors shall submit key requests via e-mail to the IAD Work Order Desk at wodeskiad@mwaa.com

  • The key number, employee’s name and badge number shall be provided along with the name of the authorized requestor, their company/organization and a contact telephone number. 

  • Allow 72 business hours for the keys to be cut and delivered to the Renewal Badge Office for pick up.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Work Order Desk on 703-572-2813.

Badge Office Contact Numbers:

  • Badge office phone: 703-572-2780
  • Fax: 703-572-0193
  • Terminal Agent: 703-572-2940
  • Customs and Border Protection: 703-661-2800
  • AOA Safety and Security vehicle inspectors: 703-572-2740
  • Work Order Desk: 703-572-2813