1-14-C083: Airfield Trench Drain Repairs, Dulles Airport

Solicitation Type: Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Solicitation Issue Date: June 27, 2014
Deadline for Submissions: 2:00 PM (Eastern), August 7, 2014
Pre-Bid Conference: 1:00 PM (Eastern), July 10, 2014 at Conference Room B, Third Floor, 45045 Aviation Drive, Dulles Airport
Question Submission: The deadline for submitting questions has passed.
No further questions will be accepted.
Estimated Dollar Value: $1,000,000 - $2,000,000
Project Duration: 330 days from Notice to Proceed
Bond Requirements: 5% Bid, 100% Payment, 100% Performance
Project Summary:
The Contractor shall furnish all necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision to perform structural repairs of single and double trench drains north and south of Concourse A and adjacent to Taxilanes B and C at Washington Dulles International Airport.
LDBE Requirement:
This solicitation has a 100% Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE) participation requirement and a 10% Voluntary MBE/WBE goal. Firms located within a 100-mile radius and whose 3 year average gross receipts, including all affiliates, do not exceed the size standard(s) below are eligible for consideration. For more LDBE/MBE/WBE information, including other LDBE size standards, contact the Equal Opportunity Programs Department at 703-417-8625.
LDBE Size Standards:
NAICS Code Type of Work / Service LDBE Size Standard
237110 Water and Sewer Lines $36.5 Million
237310 Highway, Street and Bridge Construction $36.5 Million
238110 Poured Concrete Foundation & Structure Contractors $15.0 Million
238910 Site Preparation Contractors $15.0 Million
Amendments Issued:
One, July 24, 2014.  The due date for bids remains unchanged.
Two, August 5, 2014.  The due date for bids remains unchanged.
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Last Updated August 5, 2014