RFI: Development of Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Website

RFI Issue Date: February 10, 2014
Deadline for Submissions: 3:00 PM (Eastern), April 16, 2014
Question Submission: The deadline for submitting questions has passed.
No further questions will be accepted.
The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is seeking Expressions of Interest from potential vendors concerning the development and maintenance of a stand-alone Website for the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. The Airports Authority seeks information from vendors that may assist in the formulation of a Request for Proposal.
The Airports Authority seeks information from vendors who can successfully redesign, implement, host and support the implementation of the Project’s Website, www.dullesmetro.com, so that it is contemporary, user friendly, interactive and able to be accessed by desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Contractor will develop, test and demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Airports Authority the new Website (prior to cut-over). Development, implementation and demonstration of the new Website shall be completed within three months of Notice-to-Proceed, followed by a two month period of remedial support (post cut-over), followed by on-call support through the duration of the Project (December 2019).

The new Website must provide streamlined and easy access to up-to-date Project information for the general public. It must have an intuitive look and feel, facilitating the quick and easy location of related data. It must be a user-friendly and informative tool for positively presenting both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Project to the Public and the Project’s stakeholders. It must be enabled for direct update by multiple Project departmental responsibility centers through a secure content management system. To achieve these goals, the Project will seek Proposals from qualified Respondents for providing a “turnkey solution” for developing, implementing and hosting a new Website. As this procurement is progressing the emphasis is shifting from Phase 1 to Phase 2 which will result in there being a heavy influx of Phase 2 information in association with the start of construction in April 2014. The site must continue to contain historical documents, Phase 1 information and general project archives.
Amendments Issued:
One, February 27, 2014.  The due date for submissions is extended from March 3, 2014 to April 16, 2014.
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Last Updated February 27, 2014