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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Airports Authority To Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Regulation Change

Amendment Would Change MWAA Regulations Regarding
Weapons On Airport Property

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which operates Reagan National and Dulles International Airports, will conduct a Public Hearing on proposed amendments to the Authority Regulations regarding the possession of weapons on Airport property. The hearing will be held on Wednesday, September 8th at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon Virginia at 7:00 p.m.

The Authority's current regulation (which was adopted in 1987 when the Airports were transferred from the federal government to the regional authority) does not allow anyone to bring on Authority property dangerous weapons unless the person is authorized by federal law to carry a weapon aboard an airplane, or the weapon is deactivated and properly checked as baggage promptly upon arrival at the Airport, or it is properly packaged for shipment by air or by a freight company. The regulation applies everywhere on Airport property, including the Dulles Access Highway and the Dulles Toll Road, Virginia Route 28 and Virginia Route 606. (Metropolitan Washington Airports Regulation §8.4.)

The Authority proposes to revise its regulations to permit the carriage of weapons on the roadways and elsewhere on the public areas of the Airports. Consistent with the heightened security environment at the airports, the proposed regulation would continue to prohibit dangerous weapons from the terminals, the airfields, and buildings opening directly onto the airfields, provided that signs are posted giving the public notice of the regulation.

The proposal is designed to focus the Authority weapons regulation on specific areas of the Airports where the Authority has a heightened concern for security.

The law of the Commonwealth of Virginia permits a person to carry a gun in a way that is open and obvious or carry a gun that is concealed provided that the individual has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. That law has recently been amended to prohibit the carriage of guns into any air carrier (as distinguished from general aviation) airport terminal.

The Hyatt Dulles is located at 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard in Herndon. Any person may appear and be heard for or against the proposed amendments. Speakers are requested to limit their remarks to 5 minutes.

Written comments on the proposal may be addressed to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Office of the General Counsel, 1 Aviation Circle, Washington D.C. 20001. Written comments must be received not later than September 10, 2004, to be assured of consideration.

Comments and questions may be e-mailed to The Airport Authority's Regulations can be found Here.