RFQ 1-13-P102: Truck-Mounted Regenerative Air Sweepers, National Airport

RFQ Issue Date: April 23, 2013
Deadline for Quotations: 2:00 PM (Eastern), May 28, 2013
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Project Summary:
The Contractor shall furnish and deliver three current year model, diesel powered cab & chassis trucks outfitted with a diesel powered regenerative air sweeper in accordance with Airports Authority specifications for delivery to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The cab & chassis shall be diesel powered, conventional style cab design, and a GVWR of not less than 31,000 lbs. The regenerative air sweeper shall be a diesel powered, truck mounted unit, with a useable operating load capacity of not less than 6 cubic yards.
LDBE Requirement:
Amendments Issued:
Last Updated May 8, 2013