RFP 8-13-C001: Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, Phase 2, Package A, Design/Build

Participating Prime Contractors
The following teams have been shortlisted and invited to participate in the second phase of the procurement process:
- Bechtel Transit Partners
(Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation)
- Capital Rail Constructors
(Clark Construction Group, LLC / Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.)
- Dulles APC Railbuilders
(Archer Western Contractors, LLC / PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. / Corman Construction, Inc.)
- Dulles Metrorail Connectors
(Skanska USA Civil Southeast / Granite Construction Company / G.A. & F.C. Wagman, Inc. / Trumbull Corporation / Facchina Construction Company, Inc.)
- Silver Line Constructors
(Fluor Enterprises, Inc. / Tutor Perini Corporation / Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.)
Submission of Price Proposals
The Technical Proposal submissions for all of the five firms listed above have been evaluated and determined to be acceptable. Price Proposals from these five firms have been requested and are due no later than 2:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time), April 19, 2013 for delivery to the Airport's Authority's offices at 1 Aviation Circle, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. A public opening will be held following receipt of Price Proposals.
Price Proposal Opening
Press Release - Airports Authority Opens Contractor Price Proposals for Phase 2 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Notice of Recommended Award - April 25, 2013 NEW!
In accordance with the terms of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Final Request for Proposals, Solicitation No. 8-13-C001, dated February 6, 2013, and in accordance with the Price Proposals submitted April 19, 2013, it is the intent of the Airports Authority to execute a Design-Build Contract with Capital Rail Constructors, a Joint Venture (located in Bethesda, Maryland), in the amount of $1,177,777,000.00.  The Price Proposal submitted by Capital Rail Constructors, a Joint Venture, met all responsiveness criteria and this Joint Venture has been determined to be a responsible Offeror.

Following award, the executed contract, with limited redactions, in accordance with Airports Authority policy, will be posted on the Airports Authority website.
RFP Documents and Additional Information
The following documents are provided for information purposes only. Proposals will only be accepted from the five shortlisted teams listed above.

Base RFP Documents
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Instructions to Offerors (1.16 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Design-Build Contract - February 1, 2013 (1.90 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Statement of Work (3.44 MB)

Amendments to RFP
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Amendment One - February 15, 2013 (3.42 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Amendment Two - March 1, 2013 (2.52 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Design-Build Contract - Revised March 1, 2013 (1.66 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Amendment Three - March 18, 2013 (3.22 MB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Statement of Work - Revised March 18, 2013 (1.30 MB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Amendment Four - April 9, 2013 (1.62 MB)
Icon-Excel.jpg Price Schedule - Revised April 9, 2013 (28 KB)

Icon-Acrobat.jpg Amendment Five - April 15, 2013 (661 KB)

Supplemental Information
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Order Form for Phase 2 Preliminary Engineering Documents (41 KB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Questions and Answers - February 27, 2013 (173 KB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Questions and Answers - April 9, 2013 (147 KB)
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Questions and Answers - April 15, 2013 (50 KB)
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