Anticipated Sole Source Awards

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is committed to transparency in all of its contracting programs. While we strive for full and open competition in the procurement of goods, services and construction wherever possible, per the Airports Authority’s Contracting Manual, the Airports Authority is authorized, with proper approval, notification and justification to award sole source contracts.

The following is a list of sole source contracts with an estimated value of over $50,000 which the Airports Authority anticipates awarding in the near future. In cases where the anticipated value does not exceed $200,000, notices will be posted a minimum of 15 calendar days prior to the anticipated contract award date. When the award value is anticipated to exceed $200,000, the notice will be posted for a minimum of 15 calendar days, after which it will be submitted to the Airports Authority’s Board of Directors for approval of the award.

If you believe that your firm can fulfill any of the anticipated contractual requirements listed below, please complete the Airports Authority's Statement of Capabilities Form and e-mail it to or hand deliver it to 1 Aviation Circle, Suite 154, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport prior to 5:00 PM on the posted deadline date.  All submissions shall be reviewed to determine if competition exists.

1-14-C062: Operation and Maintenance of AeroTrain System, Dulles Airport
- Description: The Airports Authority's AeroTrain system at Washington Dulles International Airport uses proprietary Crystal Mover APM vehicles. The system was originally competitively procured, resulting in a contract awarded to Sumitomo Corporation of America. Crystal Mover Services, Inc. was incorporated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America and Sumitomo to provide operations and maintenance services for the Crystal Mover APM vehicles. Due to the proprietary nature of APM technologies and the required, specialized experience and expertise to operate and maintain the system, Crystal Mover Services, Inc. is the only known source available to perform this service.
- Notice Date: June 25, 2014
- Deadline for Capabilities Submittals: July 10, 2014
- Anticipated Sole Source Award Date: September 2014
- Anticipated Contractor for Sole Source Award: Crystal Mover Services, Inc.
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Approved Procurement Justification Form (175 KB)

1-14-C078: Upgrade Head-End Firmware and Software at Fire Stations 301 and 304
- Description: The Airports Authority operates four ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) stations that continuously respond to public safety life threatening events. Each of the ARFF stations is equipped with ComTech, Inc’s FSAS (Fire Station Alerting System). The Authority is seeking to upgrade the FSAS of ARFF 301 and 304 to the newer generation system installed in ARFF 302 and 303 to have a unified integrated FSAS. The FSAS at each ARFF must have the same head-end electronic firmware and software to allow an integrated interface between the Intergraph CAD System and the ComTech FSAS. ComTech is the proprietor of the firmware and software updates required for the FSAS.
- Notice Date: April 25, 2014
- Deadline for Capabilities Submittals: May 12, 2014
- Anticipated Sole Source Award Date: October 2014
- Anticipated Contractor for Sole Source Award: ComTech Communications, Inc.
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Approved Procurement Justification Form (143 KB)

1-14-P026: Customized Barcode Scanning Interface Data Processing Solution
- Description: The Airports Authority’s ERP solution (Oracle EBS) incorporated a Data Systems International, Inc. (DSI) customized dcLink handheld scanner interface. DSI’s dcLink is a proprietary interface that supports the receiving of goods, asset tracking, and other asset related activities in a single asset database. The Authority requires an implemented solution (plan, design, implement, test and deploy) that utilizes the DSI base code to divide the asset database into Capitalized assets and Non-capitalized (generally, expensed) assets.
- Notice Date: December 20, 2013
- Deadline for Capabilities Submittals: January 7, 2014
- Anticipated Sole Source Award Date: October 2014
- Anticipated Contractor for Sole Source Award: Data Systems International, Inc.
Icon-Acrobat.jpg Approved Procurement Justification Form (183 KB)

Statement of Capabilities Form

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