Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the March 21, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting



Conference Rooms 1A/1B/1C

9:00 a.m. Board of Directors Meeting1
(Materials in Tab A)

I. Minutes of the February 15, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting Tab A-1
II. Committee Reports Tab A-2
  1. Business Administration Committee
  2. Dulles Corridor Committee
  3. Finance Committee
  4. Strategic Planning and Development Committee
III. Information Items
    A.  President’s Report Oral
    B.  Executive Vice President’s Report Tab A-3 
IV. New Business
  1. Recommendation to Award a Contract for the Refuse and Recycling Removing Services at Dulles International and the Dulles Toll Road
Tab A-4 
V. Unfinished Business
VI. Other Business & Adjournment  
10:00 a.m. Dulles Corridor Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab B)

I. Pre-Solicitation Terms for an Architectural/Engineering/Planning Consultant for
Task Planning Services for the Dulles Toll Road
Tab B-1 
Frank Holly
Steve Smith
II. Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Monthly Cost Summary Tab B-2 
Frank Holly
Pat Nowakowski
III. February 2012 Financial Report – Dulles Corridor Enterprise Tab B-3 
Andy Rountree
1:00 p.m. Finance Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab C)
I. Policy Considerations for Near Term Dulles Toll Road Rates Tab C-1
Andy Rountree
II. Recommendation of Syndicates for Investment Banking (Underwriting) Services Tab C-2 
Andy Rountree
III. Quarterly Investment Committee Report Tab C-3 
Andy Rountree
Nancy Edwards
IV. Financial Advisors’ Report – Aviation Enterprise Tab C-4 
Ken Gibbs     Jefferies
Andy Rountree
V. Financial Advisors’ Report – Dulles Corridor Enterprise Tab C-5 
Michael Wheet     Frasca & Associates, LLC
Jim Taylor           Mercator Advisors, LLC
Bryan Grote         Mercator Advisors, LLC
Andy Rountree
VI. February 2012 Financial Report – Aviation Enterprise Fund Tab C-6 
Andy Rountree
VII. Review of 2012 Contract Actions Affecting the Traveling Public Tab C-7 
Steve Baker
2:00 p.m. Business Administration Committee Meeting
(Materials in Tab D)
I. Pre-Solicitation Terms for the Concession Management Services to Lease,
Market and Manage Food Services and Retail Concessions at both Airports
Tab D-1
Steve Baker
Kathleen Verret
II. Recommendation to Award Contracts for Liquid Runway Deicer for both Airports           Tab D-2 
Chris Browne
Paul Malandrino
III. Pre-Solicitation Terms for Two Requests for Proposals for Taxicab Service at
Dulles International
Tab D-3 
Chris Browne
IV. Information Paper on Signature Flight Support Fixed Base Operator Contract Option
at Dulles International
Tab D-4 
Chris Browne
V. Recommendation to Establish Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
(ACDBE) Program Goals for Fiscal Years 2012 – 2014
Tab D-5 
Steve Baker
Richard Gordon
VI. Review of 2012 Contract Actions Affecting the Traveling Public Tab D-6 
Steve Baker
VII. Information Paper on the Option Year Contracts Requiring Committee Review
for April 2012 through December 2012
Tab D-7 
Steve Baker

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1 All meeting times are approximate. The meetings may begin earlier or later than the scheduled times.