Schedule and Agendas for March 7, 2012


MARCH 7, 2012

Conference Rooms 1A/1B/1C

9:00 a.m. Strategic Planning and Development Committee Meeting1

(Materials in Tab A)

Regular Session

I. Adapting to a Changing Business Model Tab A-1
  Jack Potter    
Financial Profile Andy Rountree
Opportunities for Aviation Revenue Growth Mark Treadaway
Non-Aviation Revenue Development Opportunities Steve Baker
Human Capital Initiatives for a Changing Business Model Arl Williams
Executive Session2

II. Monthly Air Service Development Report Tab A-2
  Mark Treadaway    
III. Upcoming Board Retreat Oral

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1 All meeting times are approximate. The meetings may begin earlier or later than the scheduled times.

2 Pursuant to Article IX, Section 3(c) of the Airports Authority Bylaws which permits the Board and its Committees to move into executive session to consider existing or prospective contractual, business or legal relationships between the Airports Authority and outside entities or individuals, where necessary to protect from public disclosure proprietary or confidential information of such entities or individuals or of the Airports Authority, the financial interest of the Airports Authority, or the negotiating position of the Airports Authority.