Student Internship

Intern positions utilize the skills of Graduate or Undergraduate students in a work group’s efforts to achieve its annual performance goals. Efforts are made to match job assignments with a student’s functional area of interest. These positions are available during the spring, summer and fall terms

"Working with the Police Department was an awesome experience that has inspired me to follow my dream of becoming an officer of the law. Steven C. Poyner, former Intern
“I am very thankful to have the opportunity to design for MWAA website and utilize my skills as a graphic and web designer.” Jeria A. Carter , Intern
Participating in the Student Program both as a Student Ambassador, and as an intern for the Engineering/ Building Code Department at the Authority, has been a wonderful experience for me. We all know that it is very difficult to find a good position in science directly out of college without having had some job experience related to your field. This position has offered me the experience I need to pursue my career goals in my field of concentration".  Lamin Bangura, Intern