Student Ambassadors...May I Help You?

Student Ambassadors

Perform customer service work that enhances the traveling experience of airline passengers. They help passengers comply with security inspections, find lost luggage, locate cars and navigate through Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports. The three levels of Student Ambassadors include High School, Undergraduate and Graduate. The more difficult work is reserved for the higher level student.

"Being a Student Ambassador means being part of a team of young customer service professionals in an engaging airport environment. ”

 Joel E. Bolton, Graduate Student Ambassador

Lead Ambassadors

Performs one of two functions: 1) provides routine guidance to other Student Ambassadors working the same shift or 2) assists the Student Program Coordinator with such functions as scheduling work, verifying time sheets, following-up on sick/unscheduled call-outs and circulating among the various Student Ambassador work locations. They also perform Student Ambassador work. Assignments are made commensurate with the student’s skill level.

"The Airports Authority’s Student Employment Program is an enriching experience for the students who participate and extremely valuable to the airport staff and the traveling public. Many of the students who have been employed in the program have gone on to obtain positions with the airlines, TSA, CBP, and with the Airports Authority. It is a pleasure to foster these young men and women in their professional development, and welcome many of them into the aviation community.  

Todd Sheller Executive, Staff Coordinator at Dulles