K-9 Teams

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department’s Explosive Dog Detection (EDD) Teams have been protecting the Airports since 1997.

The Unit’s motto is: Detect, Deter and Safeguard.

Cpl. Amelio Artis and Katie
Cpl. Sharnice Gartrell and Rita
Cpl. James DeVinney
K9 King
Cpl. Amelio Artis
K9 Katie
Cpl. Sharnice Gartrell
K9 Rita
Cpl. John Creager and Radja
Cpl. Brian Schobel
Cpl. Richard Jameson and Xxola
Cpl. John Creager
K9 Radja
Cpl. Brian Schobel
K9 Ronni
Cpl. Richard Jameson
K9 Xxola
Cpl. Charles Kincaid and Oonyx
Baron Young & K9 Blecko
Cpl. Jeff Richards and Rex
Cpl. Charles Kincaid
K9 Oonyx
Cpl. Baron Young
K9 Blecko 
Cpl. Jeff Richards
K9 Rex
Cpl. Ebony Smith and K9 Honey
Cpl. Miles Cox
K9 Tara
Cpl. Don Mar
K9 Jay
Cpl. Ebony Smith
K9 Honey