accreditation seal

Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission 

 The Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission awarded Professional Accreditation to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department On February 18, 2009. Professional accreditation is recognized among Virginia law enforcement agencies as an elite measure of the department's excellence in police services. This elite status marks the department as one of seventy-seven accredited agencies as of 2009, within the State of Virginia.    

Accreditation is a continuous process in which the department evaluates its policies and procedures against established criteria to ensure it is operating under a uniform standard as other departments in Virginia.  Law enforcement representatives of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission 
(VLEPSC) verify the department’s compliance with the established criteria through a three-day on-site inspection. 

This in-depth evaluation entailed a review of Accreditation files, an inspection of Police Headquarters, Ronald Reagan National Police Station, Dulles Police Station, Public Safety Communications, and the Dulles Lost and Found Office. The assessors were presented with a static display, which consisted of a thorough inspection and review of the agency’s operational police equipment. The assessors also attended police roll calls and conducted ride-along’s with patrol officers.

The Department received outstanding evaluations in all areas and remains committed and focused in maintaining its current status as a Professionally Accredited Police Department.  Our Police Agency believes that Professional Accreditation is a valued asset that will continue to help us in the performance of our duties and in providing superior service to all employed or traveling within our jurisdictional limits.