Kids, make sure that you know these very important things
before you come to the Airport.

Carry-On Baggage:

Each traveler is limited to one carry-on bag and one personal item (such as a purse or briefcase) on all flights.

Allow extra time:

The heightened measures require more time to properly screen travelers. You and your family should contact the airline to find out how early you should arrive at the Airport.

Beware of Unattended Packages:

If you see an unattended package or bag in the Terminal, report it to the Airport police or other Airport employees.

Know What You Are Carrying:

Watch your bags while you are at the Airport and don't accept packages from strangers. Be prepared to answer questions about who packed your bags and whether you might have left them unattended at any time.

Humor is Not an Option:

Do not joke about having bombs or firearms in your possession. Security personnel are trained to react when they hear these words. Penalties can be severe, and can include the possibility of time in prison and/or fines.

Expect to Have Your Bags Searched:

Both carry-on and checked bags might need to be hand-searched, even after they pass through the X-ray machine.

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