There are many new and exciting construction projects in progress at Washington Dulles International Airport! In 2000, a large construction program known as D2 (which stands for Dulles Development) began. Since Dulles Airport opened on November 19, 1962, the number of passengers traveling through the Airport has risen a lot. In 1963, the first full year of operation, 666,559 passengers travelled through the Airport. That number ballooned to over 27 million passengers in 2005! Along with millions of passengers, lots more mail and freight (goods and cargo carried in planes) also pass through the Airport every year.

That’s why the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority planned the D2 construction projects –so it could ensure quality service for passengers like you and your family! The D2 projects will cost more than $3.4 billion all together.

Traffic Control Tower
New Airport Traffic Control Tower 

 Some of the projects involved in D2 include:

Airplane Icon  New Passenger Walkways with Moving Sidewalks
Airplane Icon  A new, taller Airport Traffic Control Tower
Airplane Icon  New Automated Train System with Stations to replace "Mobile Lounge" service
Train car for the future Automated Train System
Airplane Icon  New Security Screening Facilities to help keep the lines shorter
Airplane Icon  New Fourth and Fifth Runways so more planes can take off and land
Airplane Icon  New Concourses to make room for more airplane gates
You can see a map of Dulles and learn more about the different projects if you click here