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You can fly to all sorts of places both within the United States and around the world if you fly through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or Washington Dulles International Airport.

Air service maps show us where all the planes in and out of Dulles and Reagan National fly to and from, or in other words, all the places that are served by the Airports. Let’s look at the places you can go if you fly through the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s two Airports.

Air France

Are you flying or planning to fly within the United States? Look at all the places served by Reagan National Airport on the map below! Reagan National, as its name suggests, serves much of the nation. It is also located about three miles from the U.S. Capitol Building. Reagan National Airport is located at the star marked DCA on the map. Have you been to any of the other places on the map before?

USA Map showing DCA

You can also fly to lots of places within the United States if you fly through Dulles Airport. On the map below you can see all the places served by Dulles Airport within the United States. Dulles Airport is located at the star marked IAD on the map.

USA Map showing IAD

airplane Map Activity:

Can you find at least 15 places within the United States that are served by both Airports?

Some flights through Dulles are domestic (meaning they are within the United States) as shown in the two maps above. Dulles, however, also has international flights. People from all over the world fly into Dulles each day, and people from the United States go to all sorts of destinations outside the United States. Look at the international air service map for Dulles below!

World map

airplane Activity:fly

Plan your own dream trip! Pretend you are flying out of either Reagan National Airport or Dulles International Airport. Where are you going? Make up a story and write all about your flight and what you would do once you reach your destination.