airtraffic.gifMany famous people throughout history have kept travel logs and journals.  When Lewis and Clark traveled across eleven states from 1803 to 1806, they kept an extensive journal.  Who knows if your trip will one day become a famous voyage!  Keep track of everything that happens during your flight in your very own travel journal.  Just print out your journal before you leave and you’ll be ready to go!


Day when you left your house:

Day when you will return home:

Destination (Where are you going to visit?) 


What is your pilot's name?


What is your flight attendant's name?

attendant1.gif               attendant2.gif

Why are you going on your trip?


Which airline are you flying?

Are you sitting by the window or the aisle?

Is this your first flight? If not, where else have you flown before?

over.gifWhich states or countries are you flying over?

How long did your flight last?

Did you eat something on the plane or at the Airport? If so, what?

Bon Voyage!
(In French, that means have a good trip!)